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Baudelaire in a Box goes “spinny”


Jamie B. Wolcott, Curtis Eller’s American Circus, and New Town Drunks release 

Baudelaire in a Box: Songs of Anguish, a collector’s volvelle and EP.


In 2009 Dave Buchen, of Chicago’s Theater Oobleck, launched Baudelaire in a Box, a serialized recasting of 19th century French poet Charles Baudelaire’s “Les Fleurs du mal”, currently in its eight episode.  Buchen creates and operates “crankies” (hand-cranked, scrolling images), while a varied cast of musicians provide a soundtrack of musical adaptations of Baudelaire’s haunting poetry.

After participating in Baudelaire in a Box, Episode 4: Bad Luck, Curtis Eller’s American Circus and New Town Drunks recorded four of the pieces they had composed for the stage show, and illustrator Jamie B. Wolcott was recruited to design an accompanying volvelle or “spinny”, the handheld cousin of the cranky.

The team is now proud to release Baudelaire in a Box: Songs of Anguish, four original musical compositions based on Baudelaire’s poems presented in a hand-made, screen-printed, 7″ x 7″ collector’s spinny that illuminates the grim imagery described in the music. Turn the wheel and watch as horrors beset the heart of the poor tormented soul.

For a short video demonstration of the spinny please go here: youtu.be/Z_f3EPNP_Qw

To purchase the spinny and download the music please go to:

·         http://baudelaireinabox.bandcamp.com

Please visit the following websites for more work from these artists:

·         Theater Oobleck: https://baudelaireinabox.wordpress.com/

·         Jamie B. Wolcott: http://www.jamiebwolcott.com/

·         Curtis Eller’s American Circus: http://www.curtiseller.com/

·         New Town Drunks: http://www.newtowndrunks.com/

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