Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground now available




Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground

Now available

Hmm Media is proud to announce a new book by New Town Drunks songwriter and guitarist, Roberto Cofresi.    The book is a collection of 10 musical fables, each fable illustrated by one of 10 fantastic artists from Los Angeles to Texas to North Carolina to New York.

In a story where time didn’t start at the beginning, and music can be heard inside the trees, The Folk Singer, The Teenager and other archetypes from the world of music wander through grassy plains, heavy woods, basement camps, streets, living rooms, and mountains in their search for a true song and the meaning of music. These ten darkly comic fables feature a cast of animals, some of them soft and fuzzy, some of them vultures and squids. Together they weave a story like a Möbius strip where you are at once an insider and an outsider in the magical world of music.

Each fable is illustrated by one of ten awesome artists. Kevin Dixon (NC), David K Rose (LA), Nathan Golub (NC), Sarah Dougherty (LA), Scott Gilbert (TX), John Voskamp (TX), Ali Nickles (NC), Andrew DeGraff (NY), Jamie B. Wolcott (NC), and Claire Richards (TX). Each artist determined how their fable would be treated and thus we get a broad range of visual interpretations – comic book formatting, linocuts, posters, digital images, paintings and more.

“This collection of surreal fables about the life of a song and the crazy, inspired, and damaged folks that chase it, is loaded with that grim humor and sense of purpose that are necessary traits for all artists moving toward the light. I can see it living in the guitar case of songwriters of all ages.” —Rick Miller, Southern Culture on the Skids

“If writing about music is the equivalent of dancing about architecture, Bellows is an epileptic jig on a wire spanning the spires of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Roberto Cofresí’s kaleidoscopic vision is held aloft by ten extraordinary illustrators, and illumined with sparks launched from the collisions of art and crass commerce. Idiosyncratic, personal, and pure.” —Brad Tyer, reformed music critic, Austin, Texas and author, Opportunity, Montana

“Though Roberto Cofresí has learned the realities of the music industry the hard way, he has made it easy for the rest of us with Bellows, a fun and exquisitely illustrated book of fables about the biz.” —DJ Jonathan Toubin, New York Night Train

The book is available through the HMM Media website and at selected independent record stores and bookstores.  You can see more about the book at the kickstarter page through which the first edition was funded –

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